We are considering moving to an area where the only internet service available is via satellite, of which we can choose from multiple different providers. My wife telecommutes and is required to use her company's VPN only for work related telephone calls, and nothing else. If she's not on a phone call, she disconnects from the VPN. During the phone call she will often be tapped into a WebEx meeting and sharing data on charts and spreadsheets, etc., between everyone on the call. Of note: The WebEx sessions run independently of the VPN...they are not routed through it. Rather, they are run through the company's iserver(s).

Most consumer satellite internet providers don't recommend using a VPN over their networks due to latency issues, which I understand. Most say that depending on the type of VPN used, we may see overall speeds reduced by 50–70% during the use of the VPN. What I don't understand is how that speed reduction shows up....what exactly will suffer during a WebEx session while using the VPN? Will the act of moving a mouse around and pointing to different things on-screen in a spreadsheet (for example) be visually delayed at the receiving end? What issues might show up on her end while watching PowerPoint presentations...like will screen loads be slow, and if so, approximately how slow? Will voice communications be adversely affected, i.e.: choppy audio or drop-offs? What other issues might arise in this scenario?

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