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Thema: Major Newbie modem question

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    Standard Major Newbie modem question

    Hi guys! Big time noob, I know absolutely nothing about computers modems/routers etc..etc... I'm hoping for some advice. I live in the middle of nowhere, literally. I enjoy online gaming on a console and the only Internet I can get here other than satellite is century link. I pay for 10mbps but run around 1.1-1.2 go ahead, laugh. We've always rented a modem/router combo from century link because we didn't know any better. I was recently given a modem and router. Motorola SB6121 modem and Netgear N750 router. This modem is a cable type, I have a phone line for century link... is there anyway I could make this modem work on a phone line? Adapter or something? Or do I have to buy a different one?

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