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Thema: OpenWRT port with current kernel 4.16

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    What does CurConf contain?
    The GPL source code archive Gemini_v2_6_0-n.tgz contains the file "kernel.tgz" which contains a "redboot" folder. Inside you finde the binary images for redboot - also a VCTL partition. The archive can be found, e.g. here

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    did you chance something? The orange LED is still lit all the time.
    The naming of the LED was wrong in my first release. But once set (changed) and applied, then it works. Also after reboot. However, when you run kexec'd image, changes will not be persistent. Will verify again.

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    Your '' script doesn't work. I hat to omit '--image-size' and change it, so that the whole kexec command is executed at once.
    Too bad, sorry. Used it the last times to boot zImage only.

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    Thank you for the info about the sources, I would have searched for ages for that. Still don't know what CurConf is used for.

    Forget the LED issue. I could swear, I Tested this, after flashing the new Image, not with the temp loaded kernel + rootfs via kexec.

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    Forget the LED issue.
    OK, not entirely. During boot, the orange LED turns on after initialization and stays on until you access the web interface. Only then it will indicate disc access.

    Just as a reference for others about the issue with the message the redboot prints at startup:
    Failed to change IP address due to illegal value
    Failed to change IP Gateway due to illegal value
    It doesn't seem to affect the bootloads settings. I can change the mac addresses and interface settings within the bootloader. In fact I don't know the impact of this messages, they just bother me.
    reflashing VCTL doesn't eliminate those messages, so what ever 'illegal value' the bootloader complains about, I don't know. During my research, I found several boot logs with those messages, seemingly the appear on a number of devices using Storlink SL351x. As there doesn't seem to be any source code of that modified version of redboot, I decide not to investigate further about that.

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    Hi, Fist of all many thanks to SmartSmurf for working OpenWRT. It works OK AFAIK. I noticed this particular model (NAS4220) is also supported by official OpenWRT ( But! I'm not able to flash it. There is problem with hddapp.tgz. According to Bootloader application can be max ~5.37 MB big. SmartSmurfs port fits to this size but why official does not? This is my first OWRT project so I'm obviously missing something. Does official OWRT need different bootloader with updated memory map to allow flash bigger hddapp?

    Name ........ FLASH addr ........ Mem addr . Datalen .. Entry point
    BOOT ........ 0x30000000-3001FFFF 0x00000000 0x00020000 0x00000000
    FIS directory 0x30FE0000-30FFFFFF 0x30FE0000 0x00001400 0x00000000
    Core ........ 0x30020000-302DB353 0x01600000 0x002BB354 0x01600000
    Ramdisk ..... 0x30320000-3091FFFF 0x00800000 0x00600000 0x00800000
    Application . 0x30920000-30E3FFFF 0x00000000 0x00520000 0x00000000
    CurConf ..... 0x30F40000-30FDFFFF 0x00000000 0x000A0000 0x00000000
    VCTL ........ 0x30F20000-30F3FFFF 0x00000000 0x00020000 0x00000000

    Geändert von koty0f (01.10.2018 um 08:32 Uhr)

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    Your flash layout seems to be wrong
    from vanilla linux v4.19-rc5
        soc {
            flash@30000000 {
                status = "okay";
                /* 16MB of flash */
                reg = <0x30000000 0x01000000>;
                partition@0 {
                    label = "RedBoot";
                    reg = <0x00000000 0x00020000>;
                partition@20000 {
                    label = "Kernel";
                    reg = <0x00020000 0x00300000>;
                partition@320000 {
                    label = "Ramdisk";
                    reg = <0x00320000 0x00600000>;
                partition@920000 {
                    label = "Application";
                    reg = <0x00920000 0x00600000>;
                partition@f20000 {
                    label = "VCTL";
                    reg = <0x00f20000 0x00020000>;
                partition@f40000 {
                    label = "CurConf";
                    reg = <0x00f40000 0x000a0000>;
                partition@fe0000 {
                    label = "FIS directory";
                    reg = <0x00fe0000 0x00020000>;
    Kernel is 3 MB, Ramdisk and Hddapp is 6MB in size

    And this seem to be the original size,
    as I'm remember this thing.
    Some random kernel coder
    Lots of stuff attached to serial console

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    Thanks for fast response. I'm not sure if I understand you right. I made these steps with my NAS.

    1. I had complete stock NAS4220 with original FW.
    2. I tried to flash Official OWRT from here: It didn't work and it "bricked" the device.
    3. I attached serial console and booted into stock bootloader. Which gave me flash memory map i sent earlier.
    4. I flashed SmartSmurfs OWRT from bootloader via TFTP and finally my HW booted up! Great.

    So SmartSmurfs hddapp.tgz is OK. The question is about precompiled images at official OWRT website. 18.06.1 hddapp.tgz has 10279.1 KB instead of 6 MB as you claims. As I see it there could be two solutions, why the official images has different sizes than expected.

    1. There is some mistake in build process so the images has incorrect sizes. -> I think it is unlikely.
    2. It is common to use some different bootloader (not stock) which has flash memory mapped to fit bigger hddapp file.

    What should I do to be able to flash official OWRT? Thx

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    Frankfurt / Main
    Mein NAS
    IB4220 Rev 1.1 + Rev 1.21


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    What should I do to be able to flash official OWRT? Thx
    Look inside the file target/linux/gemini/image/Makefile, then look for the NAS4220 image creation part. It is wrong in OpenWRT.
    My code looks like this

    define Image/Build
        $(call Image/Build/$(1),$(1))
        dd if=$(BIN_DIR)/$(IMG_PREFIX)-$(1).img of=$(BIN_DIR)/rd.gz bs=6144k count=1
        touch $(BIN_DIR)/hddapp.tgz
        dd if=$(BIN_DIR)/$(IMG_PREFIX)-$(1).img of=$(BIN_DIR)/hddapp.tgz bs=6144k count=1 skip=1
        cp $(KDIR)/nas4220-zImage $(BIN_DIR)/$(IMG_PREFIX)-nas4220-zImage
        cp $(BIN_DIR)/$(IMG_PREFIX)-nas4220-zImage $(BIN_DIR)/zImage
        cp ./ImageInfo-ib4220 $(BIN_DIR)/ImageInfo
        (cd $(BIN_DIR); tar -czf $(IMG_PREFIX)-sysupgrade-ib4220.tar.gz ImageInfo zImage rd.gz hddapp.tgz)
        mv $(BIN_DIR)/rd.gz $(BIN_DIR)/$(IMG_PREFIX)-nas4220-rd.gz
        mv $(BIN_DIR)/hddapp.tgz $(BIN_DIR)/$(IMG_PREFIX)-nas4220-hddapp.tgz
        rm -f $(BIN_DIR)/zImage $(BIN_DIR)/ImageInfo
    ifeq ($(SUBTARGET),raidsonic)
    Btw, I forwared to kernel 4.18.11:

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