First here is my configuration: FalconCT60 + VanillaMiNT (latest version 1.19) + Pocket Ethernet.
Problem: I can't access other machines on my network.Everything is connected to my Internet Box, PCs (RJ45), tablets (WIFI), Smartphone (WIFI) and Falcon (RJ45).My Box has for address, the internal firewall is disabled and the other machines have addresses like (PC/Windows), (Falcon), etc.If I ping the Box, everything is fine, I get all the packets and I can surf on Internet with Nesturf / Highwire.
But if I want to ping an other device (ex behind the Box, there is nothing and vice versa, if I ping from my PC to the Falcon, no recieve (100% loss packet).I have the same problem in static IP or in DCHP, even if for this case (when I do a ping) it recognizes the name I gave to my computers.
Clarification: I don't have this problem when I use the Falcon with only the TOS + STING, I have access to all devices of the network (PING, FTP transfer, etc.).
Does anyone have an idea to resolve my issue?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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