December Fran Tarkenton Jersey Black Friday , the consensus was that the second pick in the 2016 draft (Carson Wentz) had become a franchise quarterback, and that the first pick in the 2016 (Jared Goff) hadn’t. This morning, and in light of the injury suffered by Wentz in that game from last December, would anyone take Wentz over Goff?And don’t give me the “Goff has Sean McVay” nonsense. Wentz has Doug Pederson. Most franchise quarterbacks enjoy above average to great coaching. And that helps franchise quarterbacks become even greater.What football witnessed last night from Goff was greatness.“I think just a comfort level,” McVay told reporters after the 38-31 win over Minnesota. “I think he’s got such a great command right now and you know he’s intentional about getting better. [Quarterbacks coach] Zac Taylor has done a great job with him. Really just having him make sure that he has an ownership of the game plan, understands what we’re trying to get done and you know that constant dialogue, that communication that we talk about being on the same page. At the end of the day I think he’s just thrown the ball extremely well. When things are in rhythm he’s been outstanding, giving guys a chance to run after the catch. Then you look at a couple of plays where we ended up running some bootlegs. He’s going to his left, getting his shoulders around, hitting [Brandin] Cooks in stride, hitting Robert Woods, so there’s a handful of plays that he made tonight that are just a great player making great plays, but then also when things were there in rhythm I thought he was outstanding.”Goff, a mild-mannered, soft-spoken gunslinger who will rip out the heart of a defense and show it to them , was mild-mannered and soft spoken after he ripped out the heart of the Vikings defense and showed it to them.“It felt pretty good all night,” Goff said after the win that moved his team to 4-0. “I thought we did a great job protecting, as we’ve done most of the season this year and, really, all of the season this year. Just keeping me upright and anytime that happens, we’ve got such good guys on the outside and try to get the ball in their hands and let them make plays. Tonight, we were able to do that.”On one of the most impressive throws anyone will make — a pigskin through the eye of a needle touchdown throw to Cooper Kupp — Goff was humble.“You know, kind of taking a little bit of a chance there and got away with it, but that’s what happens when you’ve got good players,” Goff said. “I trust Cooper [Kupp] and he ran right through it. Wasn’t sure if he was in bounds or not, but he made a good catch on it. I think that just shows kind of my trust in him.”Every year, Goff has gotten better. Every week this season, Goff has gotten better. And the Rams have gotten better. Last night, he generated the oddly-precise perfect passer rating of 158.3, completing 26 of 43 throws for 465 yards John Randle Color Rush Jersey , five touchdowns, and no interceptions.And it actually looked like Goff would do even better than that, based on the first half of the game. He finished the second quarter with 251 yards and four touchdowns, putting him in position to challenge the all-time single-game yardage record (554 from former Rams quarterback Norm Van Brocklin, in 1951) and the all-time single-game passing touchdown record (seven, from multiple players).It looked a lot like the football equivalent of the basketball team that used to play in the venue located near the team’s new stadium in Inglewood.“I don’t know,” Goff told reporters after the game with a laugh. “I wasn’t alive.”He is now, and what a time it is to be alive and be an NFL fan. There’s a golden age of young quarterbacks, from Goff to Wentz to Patrick Mahomes to Baker Mayfield to Josh Allen to Sam Darnold to Deshaun Watson to Josh Rosen (maybe) to Lamar Jackson (maybe) to Dak Prescott (maybe) to whoever else keeps emerging from a pipeline that is suddenly bubbling more crude than Jed Clampett’s back 40. Throughout the entire history of the Minnesota Vikings, they have never had a receiver lead the National Football League in receiving yardage. Randy Moss currently holds the team’s single-season record for receiving yards in a season with 1,632 back in 2003. Even that figure wasn’t good enough to lead the league, as Moss finished second to Torry Holt (1,696) that season.Through the first six games of the 2018 season, Adam Thielen is currently leading the National Football League in receiving yardage, and we asked fans if they thought #19 has a chance to take down Moss’ single-season Vikings receiving yardage record. Thielen currently has 712 yards Cris Carter Jersey , and would have to average 92 yards/game from here on out to tie Moss’ mark. If he kept up his current pace. . .118.7 yards/game. . .He would finish with 1,899 yards. Not only would that shatter the Vikings’ team record, it would put him at #2 on the list of most receiving yards in a season in NFL history, just short of the 1,964 yards that Calvin Johnson put up in 2012.With all precincts reporting, it looks as though our FanPulse voters think that Thielen is going to make it happen.A full 70% of our voters this week think that Adam Thielen is going to put his name in the Vikings’ record books by surpassing Moss’ single-season record. (It also gives the graph a very Pac-Man-esque look, which is nice.)If Thielen can do that, he stands a very good chance of achieving something that neither Moss, nor Cris Carter, nor Anthony Carter, nor any other Minnesota Vikings’ receiver has ever accomplished. . .leading the National Football League in receiving yardage.What do you think, folks? Can he do it?