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Thema: Transfer speed question with a difference!!!

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    Standard Transfer speed question with a difference!!!

    Hi all,

    I have an Icybox 4220 which I have had on a Netgear 1Gb network switch which also has my PC plugged into it.

    It also has a Netgear powerline adaptor plugged in which in turn creates a home network over my mains. The second powerline adaptor being at the ADSL router end and a third powerline feeding my PS3 for media streaming from the Icybox.

    My transfer rate was up to 14000 mb( I think that’s right it took about 2 mins to transfer 1GB of data) from PC to Icybox and it streamed HD to the PS3 most of the time without issues.

    Now I have had to move the Icybox next to the PS3 so I have also moved the Netgear switch with it which now also has the PS3 plugged in.

    So now to transfer from the PC to the Icybox it now has to use the Powerline network but the transfer speed is now 1200kib!!! That’s 10 times slower.

    It is still streaming movies over the switch to the PS3 no problems.

    I understand I have lost the GB Lan as the powerline only support 100mb but I still should get 7-10 mb.

    Any ideas?


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    I have a very similar layout to yours, Though I've got the 200Mbs powerline adapters installed. If you look at the (real world) specs for these adaptors they work at nowhere near the stated transfer rates! The recommended method is to make sure you don't install the adapter into an extension lead; transfer rates increase if both adaptors are on the same ring main.

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    Sorry if my post wasn’t clear, I also have the 200Mbs adaptors and they are both plugged into the wall on the same ring main (they are in the same room!).

    Tonight I have tried the Icybox straight to the PC through the powerline adaptors (taking the switch out) and there was no difference. I have also turned off my Anti-virus to see if it was a network traffic issue.

    When the Icybox was the other way round I could stream HD to the PS3 which reported anywhere between 7-12 Mps so I know it’s not a network issue.

    It must be some sort of issue with my setup. It makes no difference if I transfer through windows or shh the speed is the same.

    I also have Tversity on the PC and again can stream no problems to the PS3.

    I just don’t get it. Are there any settings on the NAS or in windows I should try and change. The NAS and the LAN on the PC have fixed IP addresses as does the PS3 but that shouldn’t affect anything?

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