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Patrick Mahomes and four other quarterbacks who could have been baseball stars

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  • Patrick Mahomes and four other quarterbacks who could have been baseball stars

    Before Patrick Mahomes was chosen by the Kansas City Chiefs with the 10th pick of the 2017 NFL draft Authentic Patrick Mahomes Jersey , he had already been a draft pick.In the 2014 MLB draft, the Detroit Tigers selected Mahomes — then just 18 — in the 37th round (1120th overall) as a right-handed pitcher out of high school.Mahomes’ father, Pat I, had an 11-year career as an MLB pitcher.This background — along with the cannon attached to his son’s right shoulder — made the boy a high-risk pick, but one with a high ceiling for potential. Mahomes, however, had different plans. He was set on hanging up his glove to pursue a college football career as a quarterback at Texas Tech. And seeing how things are looking right now for the 22-year-old, he might have made the right choice.But Mahomes isn’t the only NFL quarterback that’s been faced with a similar dilemma. Here are four other quarterbacks who almost traded the gridiron for the pitcher’s moundan Marino Photo by Al Bello/Getty ImagesOne of the best NFL passers of all time and a 2005 Pro Hall of Fame inductee, Marino had a 17-year career with the Miami Dolphins.But he was once drafted to be a pitcher by the Kansas City Royals in the fourth round — the 99th pick — of the 1979 draft. Colin Kaepernick Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Sports IllustratedA two-time California all-state baseball player in high school, Kaepernick could easily have pursued a successful career as an MLB pitcher http://www.kansascitychiefsteamonlin...omes-ii-jersey , but instead opted to continue playing college football at the University of Nevada. Kaepernick was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 43rd round (1310th overall) of the 2009 MLB draft, during his third official season with the Wolf Pack.Brandon Weeden Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty ImagesThis current Houston Texans quarterback once had a promising pro baseball career that went south. Taken in the second round of the 2002 draft (71st overall) by the New York Yankees right out of high school, Weeden pitched in the minor leagues for five seasons. However, his pitching career never quite took off, and in 2006, Weeden decided to enroll at Oklahoma State.He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round (22nd overall) of the NFL draft in 2012.Troy Aikman Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty ImagesThe Hall of Fame NFL quarterback was a successful pitcher and shortstop in high school, and the New York Mets tried to sign him to a baseball contract. But Aikman wanted to play football.Still, during his career at the University of Oklahoma, the Sooners baseball team sought — and received — permission from head football coach Barry Switzer for Aikman to play both sports.He never did, and eventually transferred to UCLA before being drafted into the NFL in with the first overall pick in 1989.The Dixon Five: Five hot takes about the Chiefs’ initial 53-man roster The Kansas City Chiefs announced their initial 53-man roster on Saturday afternoon. Welcome to the first edition of The Dixon Five.1. The season isn’t over yet.Every year White Reggie Ragland Jersey , coming up to the final cutdown day, we talk a lot about “the final 53,” but there really is no such thing.Some players cut Saturday might be picked up by other teams, which will have to cut players to make room. Then those players might get picked up by other teams, requiring them to make room... and so on.An NFL roster is much like a work of art.It is never finished.It is only abandoned.2. Ron Parker’s return could mean a lot of things.It could mean the Chiefs believe Dan Sorensen will take more time to come back from his knee injury than first believed.It could mean that they are more concerned about Eric Berry’s health than they have admitted.Or it could mean the exact opposite — that the Chiefs are confident in Sorensen’s return date and Berry’s health and simply want to start the season with an insurance policy in force: Berry and Parker playing side by side.We know that Berry and Parker were effective when playing together. If they get back in their old groove, upon Sorensen’s return, the Chiefs would have a lot of options regarding what to do next.3. Chase Litton’s release is a gamble — but it will probably pay off.I get it: Matt McGloin isn’t a quarterback that will excite anybody’s imagination, but if there’s one thing Andy Reid has been consistent about doing since his arrival in Kansas City, it’s covering his backside at the quarterback position.He’s usually done it, however Youth Chris Conley Jersey , with one solid backup and one developmental quarterback on the roster.That’s what makes Litton’s release so surprising.The thing that’s different about this year is that Patrick Mahomes has a ceiling so high that if he starts lighting up defenses right out of the box, he could very well have a large target on his back.Should he be injured, Reid will have two solid options to keep the team moving forward.And it’s likely that Litton will clear waivers and make the practice squad anyway.4. Ukeme Eligwe’s release says less about him than it says about Ben Niemann. Niemann strikes me as one of those guys who was born to play football, and he has incredible passion for the game.He’s going to be like Priest Homes — albeit in a different position.In a few years, people will be saying, “How in the world did this guy not get drafted?”Nice find, Veach.5. And speaking of Brett Veach... let’s get off the man’s back.Yes... the Marcus Peters trade didn’t make much sense to us.(And it probably never will.Here’s an idea: let’s stop arguing about something none of us really know anything about!)Yes... some of the guys the Chiefs brought in to the secondary in the offseason didn’t look good in the preseason.But I really don’t want to hear about the Chiefs making “desperate” moves in the secondary going into the cutdown weekend.Who cares?Personally, in a situation like that, I’d rather have a GM who is desperate rather than complacent.If you’re a GM — no matter how good you are — some of your moves aren’t going to work out.Better to recognize them — and try to fix them — than to worry about whether people think you’re desperate.