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Nas is booting... always... (blocked)

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  • N2B1 Nas is booting... always... (blocked)


    My problem doesn't seem to be debated here or elsewhere in the web (but for here, as I don't speak german very well, I may have missed a topic) : my LG N2B1 is sometime blocked at startup. The LCD screen shows "Nas is booting" and all the LEDs are blue but, nothing more, the NAS is blocked. It happens not often but when it does, I have to wait several hours before I can turn the NAS on successfully again.

    Do you have any idea if it's a common problem without solution or if I can solve it with a patch or something like that.

    Thanks in advance for your tips or solutions


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    I answer to myself ;-)

    If it could help anybody else...

    This time, I was unable to restart my LG N2B1. It was always staying at "NAS is booting". A solution was to remove every disks, to boot until LCD showed "Boot failed" and, then, shutdown. Next boot with all disks and the joy of hearing the little sound of a normal start.

    but I still do not know the reason for these problems


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      I got exactly the same problem with my N2B1. I try the method below but I got always the message "NAS IS BOOTING" Please help me !!!



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        Mine did the same...NAS IS BOOTING... After 15 mins (!) finally booted but the interface was sloooooowwwwww.... I eject the disk no.1 that showed "degrade" at status and i booted the nas with only one disk... Voila! it booted fine! Then i connected the bad disk to pc and Western Digital Diagnostics gave an error 0007 FAIL! (Green 1TB). I tried windows 7 installation and took 6 hours (!!!) to complete. So definitely was a bad HDD. So check your HDDs!


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          My two HD are brand new (WESTERN DIGITAL CAVIAR GREEN 1,5 TB). The problem is still here even if I boot without disks.
          I have no solution ! Please help me.


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            Nobody can't help me?
            I try this morning, booting without disk and with disk, always the same message : " NAS IS BOOTING"
            I'm sure that I will never bought LG NAS anymore now !
            Help me.