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Using ZyXEL packages

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  • Allgemein Using ZyXEL packages

    Has anybody actually succeeded in installing a ZyXEL package on a Medion? The reason I ask is that I wrote a special package for ZyXEL boxes, MetaRepository which on the fly can merge database files of several repositories, and keep track of where the files should be downloaded.
    I think it shouldn't be too hard to let it on the fly also change the contents of the description files, so that a Medion box could just use ZyXEL packages. But I don't know if it is worth the hassle.

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    Hello Mijzelf,

    If you want, you can have my Medion NAS Body for free (free shipping to Holland inclusive). You must input an new harddisk. You get the box, the DVD, Power Adapter etc. I will stop my Medion experience, and you can get ist for free for your good Community Work.

    Send PN if you want the NAS body.
    Medion NAS? -> Nein Danke!


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      Well, that is appreciated. Thanks for the offer. There is a small problem, however:
      kleiner_techniker möchte oder darf keine Privaten Nachrichten empfangen. Daher kannst du deine Nachricht nicht an diesen Benutzer schicken.

      Wenn du deine Private Nachricht an mehrere Empfänger verschicken möchtest, entferne kleiner_techniker aus der Empfängerliste und sende die Private Nachricht erneut ab.


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        Sorry, now all can send me PN.
        Medion NAS? -> Nein Danke!


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          /Edit: Uninstalling all packages should not be necessary anymore. I simply added all (4!) Medion packages to the PKGINFO.tgz file on the repo-server. Just don't try to install anything but MetaRepository as long as MetaRepository is not yet running. The other packages are just not there.

          More info here and here

          Got it working. Sort of.

          Using MetaRepository version 20140405 you can install ZyXEL packages on your Medion. But not all packages work, some will even prevent the NAS from functioning normal.

          How to install

          Warning: This is experimental software, which can kill your data, set your house on fire, and kick your cat! i'm not responsible.

          Remove all packages from the package list. Then use the Telnet Backdoor to login on your system. Execute
          echo http://downloads.zyxel.nas-central.org/Users/Mijzelf/zypkg-repo/package >/etc/package_src_url
          and execute 'Retreive list from Internet' in the webinterface. Now you can install MetaRepository. When it's installed and enabled, hit 'Retreive list from Internet' again. Now you get a longer list. Goto the MetaRepository page, and change 'ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/+' in 'ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/NSA310/4.40/zypkg/' (without the quotes), and hit Apply. When you now retreive a new list, it's even longer.

          What works?

          I have tested a number of packages:
          BackupPlanner: Seems to work
          Dropbear: Works
          DyDns: Seems to work
          Gallery: Doesn't work. Page gives an error.
          Google Drive: Not tested
          MetaRepository: Works
          MidnightCommander: Works
          NFS: Seems to work
          Nzbget: Doesn't work, needs another version of /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6
          PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin: page loads, and gives a database error. I think it conflicts with build-in MySQL. But PHP seems to work.
          Polcast: Not tested
          Smart: Doesn't work, needs another version of /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6
          Squeezecenter: Not tested
          Syslog: Seems to work.
          Tftp: Seems to work
          Transmission: Not tested
          Tweaks: Works
          WordPress: Not tested
          anyterm: Doesn't work, needs another version of /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6
          btsync: Not tested
          eMule: Not tested
          ffp: Works
          ownCloud: Doesn't work, kills httpd. Think it changes the configuration script, or adds an incompatible plugin to Apache.
          pyLoad: seems to work

          Note: Seems to work means the user interface works, I didn't test the underlying functionality.


          On a ZyXEL box the package interface url is http://<ip-of-nas>/pkg/<package>. On my Medion it is http://<ip-of-nas>/r36258,/adv,/pkg/<package>. To solve this I added hotpatching to MetaRepository. The startscripts of other packages are hotpatched on start of MetaRepository, and on asking the url of MetaRepository itself. So if a new installed package uses a wrong url, refresh the page, to force the hotpatching.

          Disabling malfunctioning packages

          I advice to install Dropbear first, and to verify you can login over ssh, even after a reboot. When your webinterface dies, you can't enable the telnet backdoor anymore.

          When a package is malfunctioning, and you can't disable it in the webinterface, you can disable it manually. Login over ssh, and execute
          cd /usr/local/zy-pkgs/etc/init.d/
          Now you see a list of startscripts. Find the startscript which belongs to your target package, and execute:
          packagescript shutdown
          packagescript disable
          Where you exchange 'packagescript' by the real name of the script.
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            Thanks for testing the packages.
            I would like to use bittorrent sync on my Medion Nas. Has anyone tested the btsync package?


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              btsync works.