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MD 86769 re-conetion issue after idle

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  • Andere MD 86769 re-conetion issue after idle

    Please ignore this topic (Admin - could you please delete it?).
    With better focus, I did find some similar discussions so no need to keep another one.



    First of all, let me say hello, as it is my first topic on this forum.
    Also hope, that English will be OK, as my German is not good enough (however I'm able to understand if someone would answer in German).

    Back to the topic:
    Since 3-4 years I have NAS Server as in the Title. 2TB nice black box.\
    Everything was OK over months, unfortunately, since few weeks I face an issue I'm not able to solve.

    My NAS, when goes to idle status overnight or even some shorter period of time, do not react when I try to go to the folders on the HD.
    It tries and tries and finally what I receive, is the message that connection can't be done.
    Also, MEDION software (Medion NAS Tool) is not able to find him on the net.
    What is funny in this story is, that when I ping NAS directly with his IP no, he responds OK. Only folder aces is not possible.
    It looks like something in NAS software went wrong, and now it refuse to accept any login connections after idle.

    This is either when the server is connected to a router or when I connect it directly to the computer (no matter if to laptop or desktop).
    Also, my Home Media Player is not able to reach it.
    What's more - during video play, it happens quite often that the movie stops, and I need start it again.

    The only solution is to switch of NAS for few seconds, and then on again, what helps as long as I use it without too long pause.

    What I did until now was:
    - make NAS back to the initial setup (like from the Aldi directly)
    - all routers to initial setups
    - play with the firewall at the computer

    The last idea was to put fresh firmware, but what I found was only older one (1.01 - UZD.0 instate 1.01 - UZD.02).
    I would like to upload but have not an access and MEDION Support refuse to share it outside the automatic loading.
    (Funny thing is, that once I loaded UZD 0, I thought on the automatic update search by NAS, it will find the newest version. Unfortunately, the message is: Your version is the newest one." )

    My question is:
    Did someone has the same issue and found any solution?
    Could someone make a backup of his working firmware from UZD 2 and share with me, so I can upload and check if it helps?

    Thank you in advance.

    I did check old topics but did not found any similar issues.
    Could be my German is not as good as I thought.
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