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Problems with adding a second wireless router

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  • Problems with adding a second wireless router

    am trying to get my home network set up with two wireless routers and am having problems with the second router connecting to the network and internet. Here is a diagram of what I am trying to accomplish.

    Fiber optic modem --> Wireless Router A at (DHCP Enabled, some IP's assigned to "servers")
    |--> Server A at static
    |--> Vonage adapter
    |--> Wireless Router B (DHCP disabled)
    |--> DVR at static
    |--> Server B at static

    The address pool of Router A is -
    Ethernet cable is connected to LAN jack on Router and and WAN/Ethernet jack on Router B.
    I have tried Wireless Router B at and with no success. Cannot obtain default gateway address wired or wireless.
    I have also tried placing Router B after the switch (ethernet cable connected from one of the switch ports to WAN/Ethernet port of Router B ) and assigning it the IP's above with the same results.
    If I put a switch in place of Router B (removing Router B from the netowrk), the DVR and Server B connect to network and internet and get assigned to the desired IP's.

    How can I configure Router B so that my wireless devices can connect to the network (access the servers, DVR) and connect to the internet? I do have a second switch on hand that can be used if needed.

    Thank You!!!

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