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Lenovo T520 Quad Core docking station 4337 vs 4338

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  • Lenovo T520 Quad Core docking station 4337 vs 4338


    I am happy with my T520 - i7 Quad core and I would like to buy a docking station for home. I am going to connect only one monitor to this dock. I understand the differences between 4337 and 4338 models, but actually I use 4337 dock with two monitors and 90 W adapter from one year and I have no problems. After reading ThinkWiki and some posts I understand that I have to use 4338 model. Unless it is working I am okay, but I am confused about the performance. Do you guys think that there may be issues with performance doe to the lower than recommended power supplying.

    Here is some info. They are stating that lower power models are only for Dual Core T520 models.

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