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100% disk usage

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  • 100% disk usage

    hello people of the internet.

    i have a problem (again). when i look in windows task manager it says my disk usage is constantly between 96% and 100%. i tried many things on the internet to solve this, but no method has worked yet. one time it got down to 70% and then back to 100% really quick. my disk usage has always been 100% and i never did something with it, because i thought it was normal, but then i finally turned on my brains and i came to the conclusion that my pc should not be so slow since my cpu has 4 cores with 3,9ghz (overclocked), my gpu has 4gb and is also pretty new and my ram is 16gb. my hdd might not be the best or newest one out there, but i dont think the problem is caused by out of date hardware.
    im really annoyed by this high disk usage since i use my pc daily, and starting things up takes forever. ark: survival evolved takes sometimes 5 minutes to start and another 10 to load a map, visual studio and unity take 5 to 20 minutes to start up and firefox can also take up to 3 minutes. these times reduce once my pc is on for a while, but they still take forever.
    does any of you guys know a way to solve my problem? i will already tell you that the solutions on the first 5 websites that appear in google dont work. and if you cant solve it, will the 100% usage go away when i buy an new disk, because i was gonna do that anyways.

    hope you can help me

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