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  • London Architect with Soundweb London


    We have been using BSS audio products for a few years now(mainly 100’s) and have been designing in London Architect.
    My new laptop is running win8 and will download a file from the network or connect to a device without problem, however if I choose to
    send a new file to a device it seems to achieve this, however I will come up with an error saying the design was not saved to the network,
    probably caused by a file that is too large. Whilst there is a compiled version of my project on the device (passes audio and responds to commands from a crestron system), it does not save the uncompiled version. When searching for designs on the network after a little time it says “error connecting to #devicename please check your firewall settings.” I have disabled the firewall settings And will get the same error is I use any of our other computers that upload without issue.
    Any ideas??

    Please help.

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