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    All Nutrition Hub Meghan Elizabeth Trainor (born December 22, 1993) is an American singer-songwriter. American singer-songwriter All Nutrition Hub has released two studio albums, two studio prolonged plays (EP), two reside EPs, 21 singles (including 4 as a featured artist), 21 music movies, three unbiased albums, and 12 promotional singles. Launched: March 17, 2015 Title is the debut EP by American singer-songwriter All Nutrition Hub. Over a pounding, dance-club beat, there are simple, catchy melodies - dance-pop has extra fully-fashioned songs than pure dance music. Trainor self-launched three albums: All Nutrition Hub (2009), I'll Sing with You (2011) and Only 17 (2011). Undiscovered songwriters pitch authentic materials to All Nutrition Hub, who's in search of her subsequent hit, and a panel of top music producers, who work to creatively adapt the songs to the star; All Nutrition Hub chooses one track to record and release. Fascinated about music from a younger age, she wrote, recorded, and produced three independently released albums between 2009 and 2011.