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Laptop backup software for road warriors

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  • Laptop backup software for road warriors


    Windows Shop, backup is a mix of Office 2010 docs, some smallish video/audio files and of course whopping 1-4GB pst's which are usually open. Implementing Exchange 2010's archive mailbox feature is on the table once I finish quantifying exacly how much data lurks in these legacy crap-basket files, but for now, they're part of the workload and must be addressed.
    I've been looking at Mozy Pro as a possible solution for just those perma-remote folks. Looks like it would work well, but it bothers me to not have it in-house like the rest of our backup infrastructer. Any suggestions for what's worked for you, or am I just being stubborn and ignoring the plain fact that the solution I'm trying to use simply won't work in this particular case?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.